Marriage is so important in everyone's life. The day you tie a knot of love will always leave an imprint on your life. It is a bond like no other. Marriage is the start of the family, through which we learn to share life and love unconditionally. As you start your new phase of life with marriage vows in Hong Kong, we would love to make your wedding dreams come true.

Every year, numerous foreigner couples choose to register their marriage in Hong Kong because of its simple procedure and high reputation. However, some of them might have missed the chance as they failed to prepare the necessary papers in the required timeframe or they just got too stressed to get everything ready for their Hong Kong marriage. With regret, they had to cancel their wedding plan - that is always not the way we perceive wedding. Wedding should be all about love, joy and happiness. We have a strong belief that everyone deserves a memorable wedding without hassle. That was why we started StartHongKongMarriage.com.  

It really meant a lot to us when every time we saw the wonderful smile of the wedding couples with their Hong Kong marriage certificate.

Our mission is to help foreigner couples celebrate their Hong Kong marriage in a hassle-free way. As you are staying abroad and would probably be so busy with the preparation of required paper, air-tickets, hotel, wedding dresses etc., we understand you always need some local assistance for arranging your Hong Kong marriage ceremony and really want someone to help! We will walk you through the whole marriage process from preparing the application documents to the day your marriage is officially registered in Hong Kong. With our passion and expertise, you can always enjoy your precious moments as much as you want throughout the whole process of marriage registration in Hong Kong!