We, at Hooked on Learning, understand how heartbreaking it can be to see your child not reaching their full potential, therefore, we are adamant to change your child’s scholastic life. We have developed a well rounded study skills course that if followed correctly, is guaranteed to raise your child’s overall average and turn them into a happy student. The Senior Study Skills Course has been expertly put together by educationalists, who have been in education for over 20 years.
It is very evident that few schools are able to help struggling learners and this is where we come in. Our passion lies in holistic education and because of this our course nurtures your child's physical, emotional and cognitive needs. The course consists of 8 modules: School Confidence, Time Management and Organizational Skills, Active Learning, Research Skills, Reading and Summarizing Skills, Test Preparation Skills, Handling Test Anxiety and Test Writing Strategies. Most importantly though, our study skills course helps our students to develop a highly individualized learning routine by assessing their personality type and sensory preference.  
Giving your child the skills to excel in their education is the BEST gift you can ever give your child. By enrolling your child in our programme you allow your child the chance to: improve their self-esteem, achieve better marks, enjoy school more, develop healthy relationships with their teachers, develop life-long learning skills, and ultimately to have the future that they dream of.