The Association will foster the collection, interpretation and preservation of historical resources relating to the life, ideas, values, and times of Herbert Hoover, thirty-first President of the United States; we will promote public education about and appreciation for Herbert Hoover, support the Hoover Presidential Library-Museum and the National Historic Site at West Branch, Iowa, effectively garner and prudently manage Association resources, and serve Association members.

We support public awareness, educational outreach, and scholarship relating to the life and times of Herbert Hoover by:
- Promoting scholarly research and teaching in American history, politics, public law, public policy, foreign policy, economics, and sociology by means including grants to scholars and conferences of scholars and teachers.

- Fostering public awareness by means including conferences, forums, lectures, publications, exhibitions, and documentary media.

- Encouraging general public participation in the Association’s programs and those sponsored by the Hoover Library-Museum and the National Historic Site.

- We supporting the objectives of the Hoover Library-Museum and the National Historic Site in West Branch, Iowa by:

- Fostering the acquisition and preservation of historical resources at the Hoover Library-Museum and the National Historic Site.

- Promoting a continuous and cooperative dialogues among the Association, the Hoover Library-Museum, and the National Historic Site.

- Cooperating with the Hoover Institution and the Hoover Foundation.

- Garnering public and private support to supplement federal appropriations.

- Providing favorable contribution benefits for donors.

We obtain and retain Association members and provide excellent operations and services for members by:

- Actively expanding membership enrollment.

- Enhancing the ability of staff to perform.

- Enhancing the efficiency of the Association’s operations.

We effectively and prudently manage Association resources by:

- Conducting fund raising from a broad spectrum of the American public.

- Maximizing return on funds consistent with the Association’s and the donor’s objectives.

- Evaluating expenditure requests with a view toward achieving the Association’s mission.

- Safeguarding donors’ property interests in any asset contributed to the Association.