Wedtro.com offers brides a convenient way of planning for their wedding. Brides can browse through selected vendor pages and connect with merchants that match their style or personality. Wedtro.com connects brides to merchants via. links to that chosen vendor’s email and/or website.

After extensive study of the wedding market, both locally, and nationally, Wedtro.com saw an opportunity to improve on the “typical” wedding site. Instead of the insipid look of yesteryear, Wedtro.com chose a hip and ageless illustration of a bride for its branding. Plus, instead of the ordinary static picture accompanied by identifying information, Wedtro sought to create more of a shopping environment for brides searching for that perfect fit.

• Brides save time. The chore of wandering from one URL to another is eliminated.

• Wedding vendors connect effortlessly with brides who are well matched for their products and/or services.

The final change Wedtro hoped to make was in the highly flexible way in which advertisers advertise. In keeping with the sites concept, Wedtro wanted its’ vendors to be able to easily switch out images, descriptions and promotions at will. This enables vendors to change with the seasons, and affords brides the opportunity to revisit that vendor with renewed interest.