For more than 30 years, Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA) has brought hope to families living in poverty in the 21 countries where we work. Founded in 1981 by lay Catholics acting on the Gospel call to serve the poor, we have grown into a movement of more than 250,000 sponsors who are supporting more than 300,000 children, youth and aging friends worldwide.

When a sponsor commits to sponsoring a child, youth or aging friend for $30 a month through our Hope for a Family sponsorship program, it impacts the entire family. Our approach to sponsorship provides basic necessities like food, education, clothing and access to medical care – but then it goes much further.

Our unique style of sponsorship is effective because we know "one size does not fit all." Project coordinators and staff members listen closely to our sponsored members and their families, then tailor benefits and services to meet their specific needs. In many projects, parents of sponsored children are given opportunities to participate in skills training or livelihood initiatives, so that they can begin to rely less on sponsorship and more on their own abilities to provide for their families.

We are committed to helping the families we serve create a path out of poverty, and our benefits and services are designed with that commitment in mind. Sponsorship does not end at a certain age, but only when a student has attained his or her educational dreams, or when the elderly can comfortably live out their final years with dignity, purpose and companionship. Our program is truly a partnership with the sponsored individuals and their families, and with the sponsors. Through active participation in the program and your encouragement and support, families receive the essential tools they will need to break the cycle of poverty.

The relationships developed through our Hope for a Family program help create a sense of belonging to a caring, international community. Families in the sponsorship program see themselves as part of a worldwide movement with responsibilities and opportunities to share their lives with you as their sponsor. Through letters, photographs and prayer, you are invited to be a companion to your new friend on his or her journey out of poverty.