Horizon Trading & Contracting LLC is a consultancy provider specializing in logistics, trading, and management consulting. Based in Georgia, United States, it currently offers four specialized services to address its clients' business needs.

Horizon Trading & Contracting LLC:

   * provides consultatory services for business development in terms of product and market.
   * develops project management solutions in order to reach both short-term and long-term goals.
   * provides logistics services using the principles and standards of 4PL
   * offers export/import business solutions for global competitiveness

Our unique approach combines these four services to provide our clients with effective and specialized  business solutions.

It is our greatest ambition to see our clients' businesses grow and become prominent in their respective industries. Our success as a company depends on them.

In order to achieve this end, we coordinate the best people, entities, and resources that would help our clients succeed with their business objectives.
The Challenges

The rise of globalization and international marketing urges companies to grow their businesses to a global scale. Along with this trend, business organizations of all sizes face the following challenges:

   * The need for more innovative products and services that would be able to compete in the international market.
   * More effective project management practices and techniques.
   * More flexible logistics solutions to meet the demands of the global market.
   * Reach more customers through importing and exporting.

Who We Are

Horizon is made up of a select group of professional business managers with wide ranges of experiences and backgrounds. Our experiences cover international trading, export/import management, business development, project management and logistics. We believe that our experience in these aspects would contribute to our clients’ success. Here at Horizon, we are able to discuss with our clients the possibilities for improvement. We are dedicated to help them identify the best options and solutions for their business.