Animal Communication is the ability to understand the vibration frequencies that are held within the animal’s electromagnetic energy field, often referred to as the ‘aura’. Each thought, feeling and illness carries its own unique vibrational signature. The ability to connect in this way and to hear animals talking is often referred to as telepathy.
Animal Communication is a gentle, safe and non-violent way of communicating with all animals, domesticated or wild.
It helps with the following:
    Resolve emotional and behavioural issues by finding their causes
    Bring you and your pet closer
    Identify physical problems
    Communicate with animals who have crossed over
    Identify and clear emotional blockages
    Build a bridge between owners and their animals
    Checking the correct fitting of equipment, i.e.: saddles and collars
    Help to assess pet/owner relationship problems
    Find illnesses before they physically present themselves
    Find out how your animal feels about your relationship
    Find out how your animal feels about its environment, food and lifestyle

I offer personalised services in animal communication (all animals), Reiki and other various energy healing modalities, aromatherapy and flower essences for horses and pets worldwide.

Give your beloved animal a voice!