Swishtails braids horsehair keepsakes for horse lovers; most of whom provide the necessary swatched of tail hair from their beloved horses. Products include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bookmarks, and key chains.

Swishtails also offers two books. "At Home on a Horse in the Woods: A Journey into Living Your Ultimate Dream" (2017 and 2019), is the owner's horse memoir. It traces her path to horses and testifies to the importance of taking one's dreams seriously. "Braiding Horsehair Bracelets: Your Beginner's Guide" (2021), finally fills the gap in the literature for a comprehensive, color-illustrated, how-to introduction to the age-old craft. It is the book the author wished was available when she wanted to braid a bracelet from her horse's hair to celebrate the bond they share. She wrote it to help others learn the craft more easily.