If you work in horticulture you probably know that there aren't that many choices available when shopping for thermal printing and labeling supplies. If your products require a special label or tag and you are looking for a competitive alternative, we proudly recommend the rerelease of our new website, www.horttags.com

We carry a huge variety of pot tags, tree tags, adhesive labels, slip on tags, ribbon, wrap tags, thermal printers, and software produced by industry leading manufacturers like Sato Labeling, Datamax, Zebra and ITW Thermal Film and Ribbon!

While we are proud of our selection, our pricing structure and free shipping offers are what make us unique to the industry. All our rolled stock ships to all U.S. and Canada customers free of charge and our customers can enjoy a discount of up to 26% when purchasing by the case! Below is an excerpt from our "About Us" page, please feel free to check us out today and see how much we can save you on your nursery printing supplies!

"HortTags.com is a distributor of a wide variety of horticultural thermal labeling products and accessories. Our inventory includes pot tags, slip-on tags, and adhesive outdoor labels, along with the printers, ribbons, and software that is needed to print on them. We have years of experience working  in horticulure and believe that few products can compare to a high-quality thermal label. When presentation and durability matter, thermal transfer is an excellent and cost-effective option!

 We are unique in the industry due to our insistence on keeping things as simple as possible. We believe that our customers have enough to do without worrying about hidden charges, handling fees, or confusing price structures. We know how frustrating it can be to find a great deal, only to end up paying an arm and a leg in charges that weren't originally listed. That is why we decided to give our customers the best of both worlds: Pay a great low price, without any additional fees or charges!

  Almost every product at HortTags.com is listed at its delivered price, meaning you pay exactly what you see with no additional charges! Also, in order to save customers even more money we decided to reward them for ordering more. All of the labels in our inventory can be purchased by the roll or the case. If you decide to purchase a full case, we'll give you an automatic 26% discount and it will still ship free! From the bottom-up, our business is designed to provide ease-of-use, value, and straightforward pricing - the way it should be!

    Our mission statement is: to provide customers with the best value, highest quality products, and customer service in the most efficient and simple method possible. We stand behind this promise and are determined to provide the best experience for our customers possible."