The 4th Guangzhou International Coffee Equipment & Supplies Fair will be grandly held on June 26th- 28th, 2014.
  Coffee has been a part and parcel of people’s life nowadays. Coffee culture emerges as the coffee consumer group growing fast. As coffee insiders can see, the coffee consumer market in china is not so large but the increasing rate is impressive. The annual coffee consumption increased 15% in China while it is only 2% of global consumption. That arouse more and more coffee suppliers and traders to participate in China coffee trade shows.
  The global sale of coffee bean is about 8 million tons; China takes up about 5% with 15% increase every year. Economists figure out that China will become one of the countries with largest coffee trading in 11 years. If every Chinese has a cup of coffee every day, the coffee turnover will be 50 billions USD. The whole coffee industrial chain will create hundreds of billions market. Coffee industry will be a heaven of venture and investment.
  To go with the current trends, the organizer of the 4th Guangzhou International Coffee Equipment & Supplies Fair decides to invite coffee suppliers, distributors, agents, and buyers from all over the world to build a first grade coffee trading platform.
  HOSFAIR Guangzhou has been successfully held 11 sessions, the exhibition area increase with 20% every year, and it has become one of the leading exhibition not only in coffee but hospitality industry.