Recruit Hospital Executives.com, Inc. is a healthcare executive recruiting firm specializing in the recruitment of healthcare executives, directors, and clinicians from the candidates' perspective. We provide marketing services for our candidates and help them gain exposure for the types of positions they seek.

We work with healthcare facilities as well as other executive recruiting firms to help them find viable candidates for their positions. We have manager to C-level executive candidates available including but not limited to: CEOs, CNOs, Director of Nursing, Director of Surgical Services, Quality Management, Director of the ER & OR, etc.

For access to executive summaries of our candidates, please visit: http://healthcareexecutive.us

By focusing on our candidates and delivering them the best in service and resources, we are able to ensure a higher-quality overall product to our clients. It decreases the likelihood of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Instead of convincing candidates to consider an opportunity, we find candidates who are ready and willing. This increases retention and the opportunity for Win-Win.

How much is the investment? The investment you make in your next candidate through us can be through 1 of 4 main ways. We customize each way according to our client and their needs. Please contact us today (888-974-4473 or sales@recruithospitalexecutives.com) so that we can run an assessment or customized proposal for your practice.