Our service and reliability are unparalleled. In this troubled economy, many consumers and business owners are downsizing wherever they can. The secret to thriving in an economic downturn is to know where to cut corners and where NOT to compromise. Our personal stance is finding the balance between value and service without sacrificing quality and reliability. Yes, there are cheaper hosting options elsewhere, but the compromise is in speed, support, reliability, equipment, connectivity, location, and more. Is your web site, your BEST business sales tool, worth compromising for just a few dollars per month savings? No. With us, there's no compromise, and you cannot get better service for our prices.

We don't stop there! Our business was structured specifically to give back. The emerging trends in technology and business, primarily focus on sustainability and social responsibility. We are committed to doing our part by helping the many who have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet to build an income through our completely free reseller program. If you came to us through a reseller, you can be proud to know that you are helping a family to rebuild their income, every month that you remain with us! We are also committed to giving 33.3% of our income to the good cause of YOUR choice! It can be a national or worldwide relief effort, or a local food bank. If your favorite cause is not listed on our site, you can suggest they join and we will see that they receive your donation, every single month that you remain hosting with us!