Hoteleus is an online travel platform where travelers can find guided tours, self-guided tours and travel designers of destinations all around the world. Hoteleus allows users to find the ideal travel itinerary that matches with their ideas. Speeds up the completion of the itinerary in a few clicks, and allow travelers to connect with the creator of the travel itinerary.

Hoteleus is the only travel platform that reward travel designers for sharing their creativity and connect them with travelers.

Hoteleus help the most talented and creative travel designers to build the best travel itineraries and share them with travelers by conceiving the best travel itinerary creation and sharing platform.

Hoteleus help travelers to find, discover and book their best travel itinerary and connect with travel designers. A travel designer can be any person that loves and has experience with travelling. With exceptional communication, creativity, research, and writing skills. Examples can be travel vloggers, travel bloggers, travel influencers, and tour agents.

What is our passion?

We love travelling and we want to promote tourism to help people experience the world to create a more awake, cultured, harmonious, tolerant, united, and creative society.

Help people learn that there are places where people live differently, and that we coexist with nature.

Help people live memorable moments with their loved ones, and find friends in other destinations.

"At the end we want to help people remember that life is good, and that together we can build a better world."