Hotel Galaxy A Unit of Sanjay Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. The Hotel Galaxy has grown exponentially over a decades due to an unwavering commitment to opportunistic investing, maintaining high levels of liquidity, and having a knack for finding the right real estate at the right price. The hotel lobby is a magnificent space of Italian sandstone, rare coffee-colored African Wedge wood with alabastr inlays, original paintings, a dramatic crystal chandelier, and unusual object dart. The unique Svarowski made crystal chandelier,  utterly dramatic and delicate, hangs from the glass ceiling of the atrium, the work features tentacles as long as twenty feet in length.

Hotel Galaxy near Garbhaji Falls in Alwar is a beautiful waterfall that is very popular among tourists. It is surrounded by enormous beauty and is a famous picnic spot. Bhangarh Fort and Siliserh Lake is also an awesome place to experinece the adventure. It is considered as the most haunted place in India. Entry to this is fort is restricted after sunset.