Hotel Mingle is an online community for traveling professionals who want companionship while away on business. Professionals can harness the simple functionality of Hotel Mingle as a business tool to meet like-minded professionals staying at your hotel or hotels within a specific city anywhere in the world.

We know that business relationships aren't formed in the conference rooms but rather outside the office. It doesn't matter if you are staying in a big city or a small town, join today and meet like-minded business travelers all over the world.

How does it work? A common scenario...

Jay is planning to stay 3 nights at a hotel in San Francisco for business. On 2 of the 3 nights, Jay already has plans (1 night with his client, 1 night with an old friend). However, on the 3rd night, Jay would be really interested in meeting someone in the new media space.

Jay is in business development for a small new media company and is always interested in building new relationships and identifying potential partnering opportunities. Before his trip, Jay signs onto hotelmingle.com and finds 5 other people staying at the same hotel that share his interest in new media.

Jay sends a notice asking them to meet in the hotel lobby for drinks next Wednesday night at 7pm. During his trip, 3 out of 5 people Jay found through “HotelMingle” show up for drinks.  They end up having a great discussion and exchange business cards.

Following his trip, Jay keeps in touch with these business people, especially Mary.  Turns out Mary and Jay’s companies have complementary offerings.  The two companies embark on a lucrative partnership – all because of HotelMingle.com

Other ways to use Hotelmingle.com

Women who travel alone often times will stay in their room instead of going out and exploring the city because they don't feel safe traveling alone. Business women can look up women members who are also traveling alone and set up a group to go explore safely and establish a new relationship.

This is just a few scenarios of how to use HotelMingle.com, how will you use it?