HMS InfoTech brings you a decisive edge through Hotelogix,an 'Easy to Adapt & Simple to use' solution that offers all that you might ever need as a Software to run your Hospitality Business smoothly.

Hotelogix is the WORLD's EASIEST SYSTEM to get started with. Just take the trial now, and you will be amazed with simplicity of our unique sign-up process that will let you setup your property ;for a full blown trial; in less than 10 minutes flat. You will experience a revolutionary system that is well suited for independent hotels, hotel chains, resorts, inns, lodges, bed & breakfast, and other mid sized hospitality setups. Further, based on Software as a Service, Hotelogix presents a simple pay-as-you-go option that lets you start enjoying its benefits without the prohibitive upfront deposits, and absolutely no additional cost of infrastructure.

The core of Hotelogix Solution comprises of a comprehensive Property Management System that supports multiple properties with multiple currencies, all manageable from multiple geographical locations. The system centralizes operations of a Property including their Reservations, FrontDesk, Housekeeping, Spa, Restaurant, Groups Bookings, other POS's and even their Hotel Website on a unified platform.
Hotelogix - Technology at your Service

Hotelogix is a state of the art implementation of latest Web Technologies with extensive use of Ajax on a Zend PHP Enterprise framework. Its unique Graphical interface is built with primary emphasis on effectively streamlining work at Hotels, and resolving challenges faced in day to day tasks with sheer simplicity. The design of the application lets you begin work on the go, and gain expertise in a very short span of time. You can master the most complex of transactions with ease. Needless to say, the system provides amazing user experience that easily surpasses the prevailing industry standards and vis-à-vis any other system available to date.

"In Hotelogix, if you know what you want to do, you don’t have to think how to do it.”

As a complete management system for your small and mid-size property, Hotelogix covers the full spectrum of Hoteleiring tasks, both in terms of streamlining the internal operations, and enhancing your business reach to enable higher revenues & growth.

Operationally, the system enables seamless management of critical functions of your Hotel Property. This covers, but is not limited to:

   Frontdesk operations
   Multiple Points of Sale
   Travel Agent & Corporate bookings Console
   Managing multiple Regional offices
   Accounting and Revenue Management

The system further offers invaluable modules that let you extend your reach and effectively increase your direct Booking Revenues

   Market & distribute your rooms / accommodation through your Website
       Offer multiple Rates & Packages with meals/transfers and other services on the Web
       Showcase not just Rooms but also Add-on services to promote your Business online
       Process Credit cards & Online payments with booking & cancellation policies applied automatically.
   Book directly with your Travel Agents & Corporate customers located in different Geographies
   Co-ordinate work & accept bookings from your Regional Offices
   Work seamlessly with distribution mediums like the GDS & IDS
   Connect to 1000's of travel portals to get better value for your bookings


   Hotelogix is a multi-property system. You can easily add more hotel properties from your existing account on the system from Hotel profile in Admin console.
   Hotelogix will soon support all major Sales Distribution networks/channels for your Hotel inventory (GDS, IDS and Travel Agents).
   Hotelogix allows direct credit card settlements with integration to all major payment gateways. A gateway integration cost will apply.
   Hotelogix features Travel Agent console and Corporate consoles, which will allow properties to conduct business independently with their own agents and the corporate on special Negotiated rates, cutting staff intervention to zero by enabling real-time bookings & confirmations.
   Hotelogix has Marketing console for coordinating business from different global locations that will easily let you manage your transactions with regional Marketing offices.
   Group Reservations allow multiple bookings in a snap, with special discounted rates for the corporate and Travel agent commissions calculated and accounted for automatically. This will subsequently allow special negotiated rates also.
   Accounting, 3rd party integrations like EPABX, Credit card, Video on demand, Room Key etc, & Inventory Stock, CRM and more are all in development map and soon be seen on the system.