Every now and then we have all thought about leaving our job. You might have a tough boss, work long hours, feel underpaid, or just bored of the daily routine. 

If you are looking for a new and exciting experience that pays well, and offers rapid advancement, you might consider starting a career in the ever-growing field of hospitality. Hospitality is the biggest employer in the United States with over 300 million workers and 4 trillion dollars in revenue worldwide.

The hospitality and tourism industry offers you the choice of working in the kind of environment you like best. Remember, hotels and restaurants are everywhere. No other industry can offer you the chance of working almost anywhere you choose, with interesting work, a chance for rapid advancement, people contact and stability of employment. The continued growth of hospitality provides a tremendous opportunity for employment.

When people think of working in the hospitality field, they often think of culinary positions. But did you know there are many high level and well-paid positions available at every hotel. Consider the following opportunities:

General Manager
Assistant General Manager
Food and Beverage Director
Director of Sales
Director of Marketing
Sales Managers (from 1 – 10 or more at each hotel)
Director of Catering
Catering Managers (from 1-10 or more at each hotel)
The most overlooked job opportunities in the hospitality business are sales and catering manager positions. Individuals can start in these positions at an entry-level pay of $40-$50 thousand or more plus bonus. There are rapid advance opportunities, and many individuals can earn from $75 -$100 thousand or more plus bonus in just five -seven years. Once you have a year of experience under your belt, many hotels will recruit you, offering higher salaries and attractive job opportunities. Many sales managers and catering managers have advanced to Director of Sales and Director of Catering Positions within seven or fewer years.

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