HotGloo is an online, interactive wireframing & prototyping tool. HotGloo makes it easy to wireframe web and mobile sites and to co-work with team members. HotGloo is web-based and therefore platform and terminal independent. The program has a user-friendly style and a high standard of interactivity. Collaboration is clearly focused. With HotGloo, several users can work on one project at the same time as a team and discuss their work in real time via a chat function. A smooth and seamless integration of clients in the development process is guaranteed through preview links. HotGloo has been designed for all those engaged in UX: project managers, information architects, usability experts, freelancers, small project groups, or large agencies.

    •     Rapid interactive wireframing & prototyping
    •     Collaborate in real-time with stakeholders
    •     100+ UI elements (incl. smart navbars and re-usable masters)
    •     Discuss specifications through feedback notes
    •     Send shared links to clients for approval
    •     Go mobile with iPhone & iPad UI elements
    •     Fasten up your workflow with prebuilt UI master library
    •     Export to HTML
    •     24/7 run everywhere
    •     1 license -> up to 20 team members
    •     No setup costs
    •     Low learning curve: tutorials, getting started documentation