HOTLINE TO HR offers a wide range of Human Resources (HR) Management systems designed to maximize employee effectiveness across North America.  We are proud of our team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They consist of Human Resources professionals with real life management experience.  

The constraints of managing everyday operations in an increasingly competitive marketplace is a daily challenge employer’s face on a constant basis.  Our service provides your organization the freedom to be more strategic, empowering your organization to become an employer of choice.  Our management team works with all employees including front line staff to respond quickly to customer needs.

HOTLINE TO HR is a customer-focused Company that operates within North America but thinks locally, therefore providing you with cruticial information within your area allowing you to make a proper decision on your Human Resources (HR) issue.  We are committed to providing companies with the best Human Resources solution available.  We have a solid track record of helping companies limit their financial and legal exposure as well as improving their daily operations associated with the human resources function.  We accomplish these tasks by reviewing every clients needs on an individual basis and then recommending the most effective and efficient services we offer to suite their specific requirements.  

You can be confident that our team is committed to offering the best service possible.