Hourglass Media unveils the heart of stories from our pasts, what we are currently doing the present and what we look forward to in the future. With more than one billion words to our name, we’re dedicated to showcasing the narratives of organizations and individuals in myriad formats.  

We choose to tell our stories through:

Most of all, we are driven to do our best work through compassion, resilience and expertise.

We’re much more than your standard small company. We tell stories. Not just your average stories, however. We tell stories of triumph. Ones of defeat. Ones you may be too nervous to tell but find the confidence to do so anyway. One you want to yell from the rooftops of your hometown or on your social media feeds. As storytellers, it is our duty to give narratives the lives they deserve.

We pour our hearts into every word we write, photo we take and public relations effort we help mastermind. We envision a world in which individuals and organizations can authentically and compassionately relay their empowering stories to their target audiences with fearlessness and grace.

We’re committed to aiding our clients with this endeavor 24/7/365. The hills and dales of West Virginia will always be home, but we communicate our clients’ messages on all seven continents. Our award-winning boutique agency has earned effective internal and external Return on Investment and Return on Expectations goals and objectives. We use the RPIE (Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation) process and have collectively helped our clients’ stories garner 50 million+ traditional and digital media impressions for four years and counting.

Streamlined results are lovely, of course, but we build relationships that last the test of time. That is our favorite part — working with amazing people on fulfilling projects. We help organizations in myriad sectors find their voices, and we give fellow communicators and others a hand up in their behind- the-scenes workloads and lives.