We are here to help with your concerns about changing abilities, fears of falling or even if you want to just be sure that things are as good as they can be…

We offer an in-home consultation and assessment of the interior (room by room) and exterior of your home. We look for opportunities to make suggestions for practical, economical solutions to problems.

Is there a switch at the top and bottom of the stairs? Is there adequate lighting from the garage to the house; is it motion-activated or should it be? Should the dark lampshades be replaced with lighter ones to disperse greater light? These are just a few examples and we offer more on the home safety checklist too.

When we meet with you, we also want you to feel comfortable to share concerns that you may have about changes in eyesight, hearing or even getting around. There are simple solutions to allow us to continue to function successfully in our homes-my favorite is bump dots…little clear plastic dots on the 1, 0 and start on the microwave, at 350 degrees on the oven, at 20 minutes on the clothes dryer, etc…just little tactile reminders in case it is harder to see than it used to be. I use them in my own home!