House Lights Media

A New Kind of Film, Video and Media Distribution Company

House Lights Media Partners is a new way to take your project from post-production to distribution to market through some of the biggest channels in the business.  Comprised of seasoned industry executives focused on innovative delivery objectives and creative marketing solutions for the independent film supplier, House Lights Media Partners has the knowledge and distribution channels to get your project the best coverage, marketing and distribution available.  With over 20 years of experience in the movie, new media and packaged media industry, House Lights Media Partners has focused solutions on working distribution deals with the best in the business.

Steve Roberts, President, has been a leader in developing distribution channels for one of the largest studios in the industry, Paramount Pictures, Inc.  As the former V.P. of National Sales for Home Video, Steve managed a sales team whose responsibilities moved over $750 million of product annually.  He has leveraged these relationships and industry knowledge to provide a unique set of skills that combines personalized service with strategic business decisions and relationship building to provide a wealth of experience in managing the distribution channel and selling the project.

Sandy Moore, Senior Vice President, has over 20 years experience in the film, cable and new media industries with an executive background in marketing and management to support the creative direction necessary to give House Lights Media customers the attention and innovation that they require.  She has forged relationships throughout her career with some of the best in the business including Paramount, Comedy Central, Disney, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Comcast to name but a few.  Sandy has helped develop a sales distribution network of agents that will work on your behalf to provide you the individual service that you desire.

Together, House Lights Media provides the experience, relationships, innovation and creativity necessary for you to maximize the potential of your film or direct to video project with an unparalleled distribution and marketing team behind you.