Learning how to paint on silk is one of the colourful and exciting hobbies for people of all ages. Forget everything you've been told about drawing and colour, this art can be done without any knowledge of the subject, and requires no special skill. If you can hold a paintbrush, you can paint on silk. Teena Hughes has been painting on silk for over 30 years, and first learned about this ancient French technique whilst living in Paris. Teena started painting scarves, moved on to design wallhangings, cushion covers, and exclusive wearable art pieces in her growing collection. Teena's love of bright colours is well-known worldwide as she has taught this skill from Santa Fe to Paris to Sydney (and many other stops inbetween). Attend a silk painting Workshop or an invitation-only Exclusive Mastmind Weekend to learn fabulous techniques and to have an amazing time learning this ancient skill. If you're not able to attend, you can also follow a six-week only video course, or buy a DVD of the 6 week course, or even buy books and other DVDs of silk painting tutorials.