Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti are sisters, best friends and natural-born redheads. They are empowering redheads of the world because many feel that they have no where to turn to for beauty, fashion and healthy living advice.

Adrienne has kept her natural Red hair and has struggled to find beauty products that cater to young, trendy redheaded women. Stephanie has experimented with different shades of reds and blondes and had trouble finding fashion pieces to compliment her natural Redheaded features.Needless to say, they’ve been through all and are here to tell all.When they put mascara on at a young age, they will never forget how beautiful they felt! The discovery of streak-free instant tan, products that help Redheaded, frizzy hair; natural but fabulous bronzers, lotions that didn’t irritate their Redheaded, sensitive skin (they could go on & on!) was revolutionary. Over the years, Adrienne and Stephanie have learned to master all of the “faking-it” and complimentary redheaded techniques. And so, having at last embraced their Red hair, they created HowtobeaRedhead.com in 2011 for redheads throughout the world.

Since there was no place for Adrienne and Stephanie to turn to for advice, they hope redheads all over the world can finally take a sigh of relief knowing there is a finally a “ginger” community for all those beautiful, trendy, fashionable Redheads.

HowtobeaRedhead.com was a 2011 SHAPE Magazine nominee for Best Beauty Blog of 2011 and Adrienne and Stephanie were nominated by SHAPE as “What’s Hot in Beauty & Style.”

As of February 2012, Adrienne and Stephanie are Huffington Post and StyleList.com writers for their columns, Rock It like a Redhead™.

Adrienne is deemed a Redhead Beauty Expert.

Stephanie is deemed a Redhead Fashion and Accessories Expert.