Fifteen years ago Matt was in a hostel for homeless teenagers but by creating and following some simple but effective strategies he became a successful and wealthy entrepreneur. Matt now shows people from different walks of life how to be lucky in the same way by using these simple techniques. Until recently most of Matt’s business associates did not know of Matt’s background and they regularly told him he was lucky to be where he is now. Matt decided if this is what people perceived to be luck then he could teach anyone how to be lucky. In January 2011 he started writing his book How To Be Lucky which was completed and published six months later. The book contains his unique story together with his systems and philosophies to see and create opportunities that enable massive changes in anyone’s life.

If you would like to make some powerful changes in your life to create more success, wealth, freedom, happiness and good luck then Matt Kinsella and his book How To Be Lucky can help you. Matt’s personally tested methods prove how anybody can change their life, get promoted, be an entrepreneur, start a new career, make more money and find all the freedom anyone could ever want.