National Restaurant Design presently works with end users along with architects. Our area of expertise is food service layout. NRD uses AUTO CAD and KCL Catalog for the equipment for efficient layouts and professional drawings. We have been in the food service business for many years and know how to draw for the maximum flow for the end user and for the ease of managing a project for the contract sales people. We create plan views along with plumbing, electrical and wall backing plans as it pertains to the food service and bar equipment. We will provide dimensioning plans and shop drawings if requested. NRD will specify equipment and produce cut sheets for all the trades people and the health department as needed. There are a few different ways the process works, but we do not sell anything like equipment, therefore we have no conflict of interest.
We draw in great detail only the equipment that the end user needs for their concept; with efficiency, economy and creativity. Our fees are based strictly on the square footage of the space, with all changes included.