Our mission is to design marketing concepts around the specific needs of clients and businesses who seek to enhance their brand or increase their visibility around the city of Houston and beyond.

Originating in Houston TX, at the beginning of 2013, we wanted to maximize our energies into what we do best – promotional content writing. So we were like, “Hey, lets do a tour around Houston and find small businesses that need promotional articles written about them.” And so we came up with the moniker Houston Promo Tour. Unfortunately the powers that were established immediately spurned the name citing it as “an unmarketable mess.” Nevertheless, the name made so much sense because it’s the crux of our business. We tour to find platforms that need promotional content. It’s who we are.  So, while remaining true and marketable, HPT Media is what we give to you.

We are not exactly newsroom journalists. We are published authors and masters of marketing assembled together under the umbrella of HPT Media to provide AP styled and SEO qualified content for your online business site, publication, or blog.

We are not your everyday publishers. We are at your disposal to revolutionize your own market by helping you become your own publication. We can create your monthly or quarterly newsletter or magazine to maximize your visibility in the GHMA. With our vast general knowledge database we are equipped to provide your small business with basic marketing tools, like catalogs, and brochures. Want to enhance your speaker platform, then publish your coffee table book with us.  We will ghostwrite edit, design and market your book.

We are not your average PR Agents. We are lovers of the arts, entertainment, fashion and unique lifestyles. Realizing that the cream of the crop is still unearthed, our goal is to harvest those diamond-in-the-rough businesses and invisible heroic people who want to build their platform. We will plug you into the next level of your success.

We fight for the under dog and supplement captains of industry by benefitting from this revolutionary market called social media. As we continue to press forward we want to give our client more for their dollar. For as much as you would spend on business cards, or other small marketing tools, you can print your own publication that showcases more than your background and services. We are the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and just a little bit more about your business. We showcase YOU and all of the unique trademarks that fuel your vision and platform.

Our Philosophy

We teach the importance of being in vogue and becoming an authority in your field. Our desire is to enhance the narrative of your brand. We want you to communicate your idea exactly the way it is.  It's your idea, say it.   And say it loud! Trending industry specific credible news adds value to your ideas and information. It increases your marketability. We create a dynamic that will marry your ideas with what's trending.  If you can infuse your ideas into the answers that the public will use, successfully you will have established your business as an information source.  If people can trust the information you give them, they will trust the service or product you provide.

Information becomes the most powerful when it is funneled through a proactive network, promoted through multiple mediums and demonstrated in front of a live audience.