Many people visit a Madison, WI, medical spa for a variety of health and body needs. Medical spas offer the latest medical technology and procedures related to beauty. Evolution Body Transformation is no exception and has over 18 years of experience in the science of beauty.

At Evolution Body Transformation our goal is simple: To get you the results you are looking for as quickly as possible using the most up-to-date technology combined with the proven detoxification programs to achieve for body shaping and improvements that were never possible before. That's why we are able to offer a variety of effective, proven services including:

   Body contouring
   Laser liposuction
   Non-surgical fat reduction
   Laser weight loss

All of our services are supplied by a staff that is both highly experienced and dedicated to your satisfaction. With free consultations, there is no reason not to come explore what these treatments can do for you.

Dr. Stacy Shropshire is a 1995 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and a 2001 graduate of Northwestern Chiropractic College with a Diplomat Degree in Rehabilitation. After gaining unwanted weight after the birth of her children, Dr. Shropshire has been on a mission to find the easiest and fastest method to help people shed unwanted weight permanently. She has found this work to be immensely rewarding as people get healthier, they look better and feel more confident. The weight loss component is extraordinarily helpful in her chiropractic practice as this helps her patient reduce their back and knee pain from extra weight-related stress. Dr. Shropshire enjoys boating, scuba diving, dancing, reading, cooking, and most of all spending time with her husband of thirteen years, Scott, her 9-year-old son, Spencer, and 6-year-old daughter, Savannah.