In the year 2010, Rao Group of Companies took another step to better serve the interests of their many partner universities around the world. What started then as Rao Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has now been rebranded as hue. Headquartered out of India, hue provides customised marketing and communications solutions, saving up to 50% of the university’s recruitment material cost. hue prides itself in providing high-end design and printing options, warehousing services and global distribution solutions.

We have state-of-the-art technology and a printing team well accustomed to ISO printing standards. We provide customised solutions and offer suggestions on optimum utilization of funds allocated for marketing so as to effectively reach your target audience spread across the globe. We have extensive warehousing services and a global distribution system known the world over for its timely delivery. This is the cornerstone of our guarantee to deliver the quantity specified, where and when required.