In 1924, Mr. J. L. Huffines Sr. founded Huffines Motor Company in Denton, Texas on the following principle: "Treat the customer the way they want to be treated"

On May 5, 1924 Huffines Motor Company opened for business in downtown Denton. J.L. Huffines, Sr. founded the company on two principles which are still the benchmark for all decisions made at the dealerships – treat the customer the way they want to be treated and support the community.

Mr. Huffines always believed that when he helped someone buy a car, he had made a friend. Passed from father to son, to grandson, Mr. Huffines' philosophy has formed the solid foundation on which our dealerships are grounded, small town friendliness and a strong commitment to please each and every customer.

Through all of this, Huffines had been satisfying customers – many who still shop at Huffines today. The fact that we have grandchildren and great grandchildren of original customers still shopping at Huffines 88 years later certainly proves the success of their commitment to customer satisfaction.