Human Innovations LLC helps us take charge of our health with innovative mobile solutions.  TremWatchTM is the first app in their wellness system.

A great deal of information about our health can be recorded with the proper tools and phone apps.  This information is critical for early detection and prevention of potential challenges.  It also plays an important role in keeping us motivated and on track with our goals.

In 2015 new tools will be launched that help people easily and automatically track important personal health data.   Each module connects to an integrated lifestyle management system. It is unique in that it is designed for busy lifestyles, and focuses on helping you discover new healthy ways to enjoy life more.

Human Innovations is working with advisors for European and Asian market distribution.  Their  mission is to implement a global solution for making preventive health monitoring, easy, affordable and automatic.

Human Innovations team members have previously worked in medical research, and founded companies such as Internet Technologies, Inc in the 90's.  They've personally experienced how hard it is to live a healthy lifestyle during a crazy “dot com” career.  

Now they are working with experts in the wellness fields to share practical and enjoyable ways to improve our health, in a format that works with modern lifestyles.

Unfortunately there are gaps in current medical knowledge for numerous illnesses.  As a result the cause, and potential cures for these diseases aren't known.  Many people suffer because there aren't sufficient resources to study these areas.  Human Innovations goal is that by providing support and increased awareness people will be helped, and hopefully in time cures will be found.

A key part of Human Innovations philosophy is to “to both do well and do good”.  They donate part of different proceeds to research and support groups for various health conditions.

http://www.human-innovations.net  (910) 216-2293