The Home of Software Engineering for the Mind

Advanced Change Dynamics is a new force in Human Excellence Training.

Combining leading edge Psychotherapy techniques with proven Software Engineering processes and the forethought, ingenuity and robustness you have come to expect from German Engineering Excellence to accelerate your journey towards Peak Performance and Human Excellence both at an individual and at corporate level.

We specialise in:

·         Advanced Problem Solving

·         Executive Coaching

·         Human Excellence Training

·         Accelerated Performance Enhancement

Klaus Ruehl is a "Software Engineer of the Mind"

               + A new force in Human Excellence Training
               + Experienced IT Executive
               + Clinical Hypnotherapist
               + Trainer of NLP and Timeline Therapy
               + Meditation Teacher
               + Founder of Emotional Release  Therapy
               + Published Author
               + International Speaker

Over 40 Years of Experience

Combining his love for Logic and German Engineering Excellence with his passion for helping people fulfill their true potential has led Klaus on a path of exploring the incredible power of our Mind. Merging the experience from a successful IT career spanning over 22 years with more than 18 years experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy Klaus decided to become a Software Engineer of the Mind.

Now you too can learn the incredible secrets of your inner life that control your happiness and success far more than most people imagine.