JVNetforce was created with all webmasters and entrepreneurs in mind. Combining the power of the large Veretrekk systems and the knowledge of thousands of like minded individuals who have one goal. Help our brothers and sisters create targeted leads and explode thier earning potential. Veretekk is designed for two funtions. Generate a Residual Income and give the power to the little guy to compete on search engines such as Google at www.google.com.

Veretekk is over 60,000 members strong and has the largest networking base. Each and every day millions of webmasters and entrepreneurs are affected in some way by the large online system. The JVNetforce Group have made Veretekk our Brick and Mortor foundation to mentor new webmasters in. Together it gives the power back to the little guy. Lets continue with the power to the people, come and see what it is all about.