HungryHammer.com offers you the chance to have fun whilst bidding for the chance to get brand name stuff at a fraction of their retail price.

It’s a really simple concept and can be described as entertainment rather than an alternative to shopping on Oxford Street.

If you were looking for a toaster, you’d go to the normal sites but you probably wouldn’t look up HungryHammer.com or any of our competitors that’s not what we’re here for.

If you’re looking to play some games of chance, after all that’s what our industry does, then forget the rest, HungryHammer.com is the most technically advanced site of our kind out there and we believe there’s no point in wasting your money on the rest.

We’ll let you into a little secret about sites of our kind, most of the time they’re run from back bedrooms over shops in the back end of beyond. WOAH I hear you say, yes that’s correct, just do a Google Earth or Street View search on their office locations (both registered and actual) and you’ll have some fun!

HungryHammer.com was launched after a few of us in the office here saw what a complete shambles 90% of the industry was like. We did a search and for just a few hundred dollars we could go out there and buy a fully working website with payment merchant integration in just a few minutes.

Now lets think a second about this, would you go and put £500 into something that’s a game of chance run by somebody with no experience, no capital, a ‘cloned’ website, operating from their back bedroom collecting your funds through a merchant who isn’t a bank? No of course you wouldn’t, but thousands and thousands of you do and that’s why we created HungryHammer.com to be different and provide you with something that you want to use and you trust.