Huzana ph DropsHunzana Alkaline Water Systems (HAWS) started out as a tiny operation promoting the value of pH water drops.  Our flagship product - Hunzana Ph Drops - was able to raise the alkalinity of any bottled or tap water.  In the process, the pH concentrate infused the water with oxygen and it made the water micro clustered - meaning that the water was more able to penetrate cell walls.

This meant that water treated with Hunzana pH drops would act as a natural detoxifier. In early 2010, we partnered with some terrific business minds at Ionways. LLC and thus added the Ionways line of water ionizers to our product mix.

If water treated with pH drops is good, then water from our ionizers is GREAT!  The one thing that the ionizers provide (that the drops cannot provide) is the super low ORP (oxidation reduction potential).

When you are fighting a major health issue, you want the maximum free radical scavenger you can find.

In the process of conducting ongoing research into health, wellness and alkalinity - HAWS developed a 4 step business model:

  1. We only the highest quality life enhancing products on the market,
  2. We conduct research and maintains a robust product testing and acquisition model, and
  3. We contribute to the global body of knowledge about alkaline water and alkaline lifestyles by contributing to discussion, promoting products that genuinely enhance health and wellness, and by connecting like minded parties and individuals through social media experiences, and finally...
  4. We continue to pressure governments and legislators to distance themselves from the coercive influences of "corporate health care systems" that have succumbed to the pressure of big pharma and multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

By now, most of the world has seen or heard the science on health and wellness.  People know about the power of alkalinity for negating conditions that lead to disease.  The biggest question we get is, "how do I find the best solution for me?"  And that is a great question!  This is no single answer that fits everyone.  Our promise to you is that we will provide you with the best "no pressue" consultation available.  We will show you options based upon your needs.... and that might mean we refer you to another company.  The bottom line is YOU are fist.  Everything else, takes care of itself.