There Is No Need To Get Hustled Again
The Game That We All Play
When a boy and girl go on their first date, they put their best foot forward. Its not that they are lying to each other, but they sure aren’t entirely upfront about how wounded they are, how bad they’ve been in the past or even about how wonderful they really are. It’s a game that all lovers know. Lots of grand and sparkling promises on the front end, full disclosure (along with some level of disappointment) on the back end. Academics call it “Game Theory.” Players just call it “the game.” We call it the “hustle.”

The Game Is Played Everywhere
Boy vs girl. Buyer vs seller. Worker vs the boss. Politicians vs voters. Marketers vs the masses. Students vs teachers. Company vs competition. Nation vs nation. Everyone smiles, everyone is polite - but under the surface there are ulterior motives, criteria and desires that are rarely, if ever, fully disclosed. Though good people try our hardest not to lie, there is often a “bending” of the truth, even its just on the level of exaggerating.

Our Big Idea
We want to level the playing field for consumers. There are plenty of consumer advocate groups which help buyers learn which products are worth getting and which should stay on the shelf, but it’s rare to find anyone talk about the hustle that is about to go down once they actually settle on the product - that is, about getting the best price, financing terms and service promises.

That is where Hustlewise comes in...but for the copier world.

Brady Spencer Is...
Part reformer. Part visionary. Part consumer advocate. Part serial entrepreneur. He likes to think of himself as a “generalist” in a world of specialists. Generalist, meaning, following in the footsteps of a Ben Franklin-type life with interests too varied to label. Passionate, opinionated and tenacious, following in the footsteps of Teddy Roosevelt-type life. In this particular venture, however, he just plays the lead researcher and editor of Hustlewise Publishing buyer guides.

Expect more books, exposing more insider secrets in various industries soon...