As Your Trusted Partner in Clean Air, HVDS is dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service. While delivering a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and company spirit.

We are building a community of professionals, collaborating towards making food industry air filtration, ventilation, and handling a better experience.

We have a dedicated focus into one market, the food industry. We are learning everything there is to know about the field where our products interact and impact the market we share.

Building relationships and connections with some of the most recognised industry names. Developing our knowledge to bring you a hub of information, advice and support. Information that will assist with your food, hygiene and safety in your manufacturing, production, distribution, and food preparation environments.

HVDS is a business that has a flat organisation structure of three levels: Management, Team Leaders and Team Members. It is due to this successful business structure we can ensure short and clear communication lines. As well as good contact across the whole company.

In the last 2 years we have developed our customer base by 300%. As a result, we have invested heavily in our Team to bring you the best air hygiene experts. Most of all, these investments flow out to our customers, offering real time quality of service benefits.

The efforts of our team members, the innovative ideas and good cooperation have led to our success. As a result we are 'Your Trusted Partner in Clean Air'

Our air quality products, services and advice have not only been recommended, but more importantly have proven themselves in the food manufacturing industry. As a result we have become 'Your Trusted Partner in Clean Air' to food manufacturers around the Country.

Consequently: 'We are bringing success when mediocrity was the norm'.