HVM chambers have a steel and borosilicate glass construction.  They are a "Class C" chamber which is animal specific.

Steel chambers eliminate the possibility of "crazing," and are engineered specifically for the safety and comfort of animals.  Unlike human acrylic and inflatable chambers which can be quite dangerous to animals.

"Class C" chambers do NOT have a predetermined life cycle and should
last the life of the chamber with standard maintenance.

HVM chambers are capable of FULL hyperbaric pressure (1.5 ATA or higher), unlike inflatable chambers.  HVM chambers are capable of regrowing bone and tissue and are used in cases ranging from hard-to-close wounds and post-surgical recovery to infectious diseases and central nervous system disorders.  The treatments are 100% safe, painless and noninvasive.

HVM ensures ALL chamber operators are fully trained and certified according to the VHMS (Veterinary Hyperbaric Medicine Society) standards.