Heavenward is a computer security company in 2007, we create this site for distributing our own software creations. At the time, our goal was to create useful applications that everyone could use as freeware, and my first software was a simple but very versatile keylogger called LightLogger. We now offer a number of applications, including LightLogger (no longer free!), that I continue to improve in our free time.

As the years have passed, other like-minded, talented people have joined me. Our partners bring to Heavenward strong technical skills and experience in many areas, including software security. And now Heavenward offers sophisticated, quality software development at reasonable prices. Our products have ranged from a game anti-cheat system to U3 disc encryption software.

Heavenward's expertise now includes skills in these areas:

Everything related to Windows security.
Large scale C++ and Python software development.
System programming under Windows and Linux.
Network applications using main Internet protocols.
For more information, contact Heavenward at support at www.hwsuite.com.