Global Experts in Vapor Recovery - Gas Compression

Setting a New Standard in Custom Compression. A global supplier of customized compressor packages handling low pressure gas streams. Hy-Bon is your source for compressor sales, service, rentals, exchange compressors, repair, refurbishment and parts, including oil flooded screw, rotary screw, rotary sliding vane, reciprocating, liquid ring, jet pump, scroll and beam gas compressors. We offer compressor packages utilizing Quincy, Gemini, Travaini, Copeland brands, utilized in vapor recovery, field gas booster, field gas gathering, wellhead depletion, wellhead compression, medium pressure gas boosting, landfill gas recovery, casinghead gas, gas lift, flare gas elimination, process compression, oil production enhancement, gas regulation compliance, biogas recovery, wastewater compression, landfill compression, brewery & food processing and casinghead pressure reduction applications.

Vapor Recovery

Hy-Bon designs compressor packages designed to capture natural gas emissions with high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from oilfield stock tanks. With units operating in over 20 countries around the globe, including onshore vapor recovery units, offshore VRU’s, and desert units.
           Hy-Bon is a packager of a wide range of compressor styles, We have the ability to focus solely on the gas stream in question, and design the most cost effective technical solution to meet your requirements. For vapor recovery applications, we recommend rotary screw compressors, rotary vane compressors or jet pump compressors.
           Unparalleled experience in handling gas streams with high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbine dioxide (CO2) and other corrosive elements assists our customers in meeting these challenges.
           Our patented Vapor Jet System is a simple, low cost technology for the recovery of gas vapors from oil production facility’s storage tanks. Hy-Bon vapor jet system’s low capital and operating costs offers the customer the ability to make a profit at lower vapor volumes less than 60 mscfd.
           From cost effective standard packages to highly sophisticated vapor recovery units for onshore, offshore, domestic or international markets, Hy-Bon’s experience and dedication to our customer needs is second to none.

Casinghead Pressure Reduction

To maximize profits from existing production, producers utilize low horsepower (HP) compression to boost oil production from their fields. Hy-Bon is a global leader in this technology, with hundreds of compressor packages operating in casinghead reduction applications. Based on the gas stream, volume and pressure, Hy-Bon packages rotary screw, rotary vane, reciprocating and liquid ring compressor systems for the reduction of annulus pressure. We also maintain a rental fleet, comprised of over 200 units, specifically targeted at casinghead pressure reduction applications.
           The concept of casinghead pressure reduction is straight forward. As wellhead pressure is added, pressure on the formation is impacted. Well pressures at the formation level are complicated even more by fluctuations in wellhead pressures from the pipeline. Relieving these pressures in the casinghead reduces the pressure on the formation, allowing gas or oil to flow from the formation into the well bore with greater ease. By reducing pressure on the formation, gas lock problems are also reduced. In many cases production has been double and sometimes tripled. Packages are available in trailer mounted and skid mounted designs.

Field Gas Gathering Booster System

It’s evident that sales and distribution line pressures are going up constantly. Recognizing that the flowing pressure of a well typically declines over the course of it’s lifetime, it’s easy to see the need for compression on individual wells or a series of wells. You don’t get paid if you don’t get the gas through the pipeline.
           Hy-Bon’s compressors are designed to pull gas through a manifold system and consolidate into one gas stream. Hy-Bon’s booster compressors are utilized to take gas at one pressure and boost it to a higher pressure. This boosting requirement may be due to higher line pressure, or a downstream process that requires higher pressure, or as the first stage of a multi stage gas compression system. Based on the gas stream, volume and pressure, Hy-Bon packages rotary screw, rotary vane, reciprocating and liquid ring compressor systems for field gas gathering and field gas boosting applications.
           Our field compressor packages can be configured to work with artificial lift systems. Our units automatic functionality allows automatic restarts, even with natural gas engines. We offer either trailer mounted or skid mounted units, either engine drive or electric motor models, including a variety of options to fit your application.