Hydro Organics Farm, founded in 2011, by Manuel Casas and Vanessa Valedón, is a Vieques based sustainable farm.  Using only natural byproducts to fertilize the land, and applying the principles of Permaculture and Natural Farming, Hydro Organics Farm is dedicated to bringing only the highest quality, all natural food products grown without GMOs, chemicals fertilizers or pesticides. Hydro Organics Farm is a company dedicated to bringing good food to people as nature intended, and is one of the only farm’s on the island bringing high quality fresh produce and food products to the local community.  Its mission is promoting sustainable agriculture practices and healthy food, while creating food security on the island. This requires maintaining biodiversity, and healthy pollinator populations. To learn more about Hydro Organics Farm, to purchase products, or to become a retailer, visit www.hydroorganicspr.com