Dealzer.com is the largest and most trusted hydroponics provider online. We specialize in grow box, hydroponic system, indoor gardening, hydroponics, led grow lights, hydroponic supplies, and more.

With Dealzer.com hydroponic systems, you will be able to grow any plant you want all year long. With our indoor gardening systems, you can now grow your veggies or plants indoors. Our grow boxes are fully automated and easy to use. All you have to do is plug them up, set up your seeds and watch the system operate itself as it grows your plants to full blown adults. By simply adding water and nutrients, your plants will grow at lightning speed.

Our hydroponic systems typically start at $695 and go up to about $9995. If you are looking for an average system that holds about 12 plants, you would probably spend about $1750. We also offer additional upgrades to our hydroponic cabinets, which include a Co2 system to increase production speed, a water filtration system, LED grow lights, an ozonator, and more.

We offer free consultation before your purchase and free tech support after your purchase. If you are unsure on which hydroponic system you want to buy, make sure to call our toll free number at 888-HYDRO-81. Our friendly staff is open 7 days a week to help you buy the perfect grow system.