HydroxyGarage.com is a small team of Engineers, Physicist and technicians focused
on making Water Fuel Technology - A Reality...

HHO - also known as Hydroxy, Water fuel, OxyHydrogen and Brown Gas is one such technology to help mankind with its energy requirements while reducing the harmful emissions. Researchers like Stan Meyer and others have found that Advanced Electrolysis technique which uses pulsed direct current can produce large amount of HHO gas consuming substantially small amounts of electrical energy stored in a car battery. Adding of HHO to gasoline or diesel or CNG improves the efficiency of the combustion process giving a better mileage per gallon of fuel, more torque and substantially less amounts of harmful COx/ NOx emissions.

HHO technology when mastered fully, promises to replace fossil fuel from your Car and truck and all the ICE applications. However, presently we can aim to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel upto 50 - 200% and develop several critical applications like high temperature welding and cutting, which are very difficult and expensive

The gas when fed combined with any combustible fossil-fuel or bio-fuel, the net effect is as follows:

1) Complete and thorough combustion of the fossil fuel.
2) Substantially reduced unburned hydrocarbon emissions into the environment.
3) Smoother engine performance due to more effective and consistent ignition.
4) Less wear and tear on moving engine parts due to improved firing pattern.
5) Increased power due to efficient combustion.
6) Fuel savings ranging from 50 to 200%* or better depending on the vehicle.
7) Easy to retrofit/ convert existing vehicles to HHO hybrid status.

We have developed successfully developed prototypes of the water fuel cell and planning to set up manufacturing to cater to global markets. Talk are on with potential investors and financiers to arrange required funding.

Critical Parts of a HHO Cell :

1.  DC Gated Pulse Generator (PWM)
HHO Technology is all about the electrical energy supplied to break the water molecule into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Advanced Electrolysis technique used by researchers like Stan Meyer used pulsed DC current of 12VDC. It is proven by many researchers that square wave pulsed current helps to reduce heat generation during the electrolysis making the operation more efficient.

DC Gated Pulse Generator is not an ordinary Pulse Width Modulator (PWM). Unlike PWM it gives you a complete control to vary the frequency, duty cycle, Amp and nature of wave form of the current being feed to the cell.

2.  High Voltage Power Supply
Supplying high voltage electrical power is an another approach to break the water molecule into Hydrogen and Oxygen. High Voltage Power Supply is specially designed keeping the Voltage Intensifier Circuit in mind and adding our own research inputs.

3.  Sensors
Sensors like EFIE, MAPF, VMU, etc are critical for deploying HHO technology for use in Automobiles. We have networked with a few researchers / companies to develop advanced sensor products.


1.  HHO Cell using Tubes (Stan Meyer's patent)
Most convincing demonstration of HHO technology was done by Stan Meyer, who used stainless steel tubes as electrodes. It is now established by many researchers that HHO cell built using tubes are far more efficient than one built using plates.

Over a period of last few years we have built numerous configurations of the cell constructions and materials and have come up with a most advanced and efficient cell design which is waiting for patent approval.

2.  HHO Cell using Plates (Bob Boyce, Joe Cell, etc)
Though Cell using tubes offer better efficiency, cell construction using plates has few applications allowing to consume more watt as input energy.


1.  Pressure Gauge, Flow Meter and Bubbler Assembly
2.  Bubbler
3.  Tubes Assembly

To support researchers and entrepreneurs interested in making Alternative Fuel Economy - a reality, we provide following services :


HHO technology is continuously evolving and products have short life-cycle due to continuous up-gradation. This calls for exploiting existing prototyping / manufacturing facilities to support the rapid development of new products.

We invite you to utilize our skills and resources to reach products to the end users faster and cheaper.

If you have an idea or a sound business plan and need an experienced and qualified hand to support you to success, we are here to help you.

In the age of networked world, success is often defined by ability to bridge the gap by building partnerships. We are open to listen to you, if you think we can jointly do something meaningful.

Nitin Raulji