Hyland Capital was created to serve the Small and Medium Sized Business Community with their  financing needs. Our full suite of services can be viewed at www.hylandcapital.com

As with any organization - we have evolved to include other industries and capabilities. This led us to the creation of a secondary division - Hyland Marketing.  Our team currently consists of 4 individuals who help to promote, train and support new system owners. This team is run by Hyland Capital's President and CEO - James Morin.

When we found the Jaguar Marketing System - we knew we had something special. There is nothing else like it on the market for the home business owner, or self-employed professional. It teaches everything from qualified lead generation to online branding to Search Engine Optimization - all at no additional cost to the owner.

The fact that Jaguar also creates a 5-figure a month secondary income is one of its most appealing benefits. The low investment of $3995 makes this a no-brainer for most professionals and home business owners.