HypaSec offers expert advice, incident response management, lecturing, training in IT and ICS security, penetration testing and writing services in security. Lead by Chris Kubecka, CEO and Security Researcher. With >20 years of professional experience including the US Air Force Space Command, private sector with Llyods TSB, Danone Saudi Aramco and Aramco Overseas; as well as, public sector. Experts in incident response, penetration testing, technical and awareness training, advisement services and lecturing. HypaSec is highly experienced in large scale, global affecting nation state attacks against critical infrastructure. Awareness training, table top to live exercises and threat profiling before an incident occurs. Open source intelligence gathering and penetration testing.  
Hypasec operates both in offensive and defensive perspectives as a consultant, team player and team leader. A proven track record of establishing, leading and managing IT security programs and departments. Wide international experience including USA, UK, EU, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, China and South Korea. Chaired, presented and (co) authored at leading industry conferences. Extensive network of similarly qualified IT security experts in business and government around the World.
Chris, the CEO has spoken at conferences worldwide Conference Presentations & Workshops

Workshop at OpenFest, Sofia, Bulgaria 2016 - Open Source Intelligence Gathering How-to with Open Source Tools using Fonseca Mossack, DNC and Trump as examples
Industrial Control Cyber Security USA, Sacramento, USA 2016 – Peek a Book, I see You! OSINT
Workshop with table top exercise ICS Cybergeddon Game at Industrial Control Cyber Security USA, Sacramento, USA 2016
Last H.O.P.E Number Eleven 2016: Water Security are we in de-nile or in-seine? Water policies, availability, Geeks Without Bounds and You
Industrial Control Cyber Security Nuclear Summit, Warrington, UK 2016 – What’s the Internet Revealing About You? Using Fonseca Mossack
Presented pre-conference Workshop with table top exercise ICS Cybergeddon Game at Industrial Control Cyber Security Nuclear Summit, Warrington, UK 2016
Workshop Intro to ICS technologies and cyber awareness Workshop at INIT Hacker Lab, Sofia, Bulgaria – March 2016
Industrial Control Cyber Security USA, Sacramento, USA 2015- How to Implement IT Security After a Cyber Meltdown
Black Hat USA How to Implement IT Security after a Cyber Meltdown 2015
University of Memphis Cyber Security Summit 2015 How to Implement IT Security after a Cyber Meltdown
Cyber Senate London ICS 2014: Confessions of an OT/IT Hacker
SANS Asia Pacific ICS Security Summit, Singapore 2013: Leading a 24/7 IT Security Team: When a SOC is more than a SOC
IP Conference CyberCrime Arrow Group 2013 Amsterdam Cyber Crime Everyday Challenges in a Security Operations Center
VUrORE Seminar Fighting Cybercrime 2013 Amsterdam: A Week in the Life of a Security Operations Center
Last H.O.P.E. Number Nine: The Internet is for Adult Content: How High Heels and Fishnet have Driven Internet Innovation and Information Security 2012
28C3 Chaos Computer Club Congress 2011:
Security Visualization with a Correlation Engine. What’s inside your Network?
Chris Kubecka, the CEO also sits on the board as Secretary of Geeks Without Bounds.
Incident Response, Digital Crime Investigation, DFIR and Emergency Response services in the EU and Africa.
Virtual CISO advisory consulting with IT and ICS scope.
Development of ICS SCADA and IT based workshops for production engineer, management and for HS&TC Training and Consulting in the UK and USA.
Senior instructor for HS&TC Training and Consulting co-author of a GCHQ approved ICS security course and GPEN course author for Firebrand.
Publications, Media & Awards
Fox News 40 Sacramento, USA Home Surveillance Systems are Easily Hacked, Experts Say October, 2016
VICE News VICELAND Cyberwar documentary series, episode Hacking the Infrastructure August 2016
Journal of Petroleum Technology Industrial Sized Cyber-Attacks Threaten the Upstream Sector March 2016
Yomiuri Shimbun Cyber Preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
CNN The inside story of the biggest hack in history
2600 Magazine Android You Broke My Heart
WordPress weekly top Android Operating System Security
WordPress weekly top SIEM/Correlation Rules
InfoSec Weekly SIEM Guru for work on the DNS Changer
Complex Data Visualized for Visualization with Security Logs and SIEM Technologies
Previous: Aramco Overseas Company, part of Saudi Aramco                            
Group Leader Network, Security Operations & Information Protection
Creation and establishment of a Network and Security Operations Center 24/7/365 for EMEA and South America outside Saudi Arabia.
Creation and establishment of Computer Emergency Response Team with FIRST.
Creation & establishment of a Joint International Cyber Intelligence Team & program.
Creation & establishment of UK/EU Privacy Program.