Hyper FB Traffic by Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker is a new internet marketing course on Facebook advertising. This course will teach you about the FB advertising platform, CPC & CPM ad marketing on Facebook. This course will teach you all about the FB platform, how to get traffic, and how to convert it.

Before I leave my Hyper FB Traffic review, I want to let you know I have used Bobby Walker’s products in the past and they have always been of great quality. HE really knows how to layout and perfect each product he puts his name on. And I was not disappointed in this one at all!

Facebook has over 500 million users registered on their site, now with this many users visiting their site every week there are a million different niches and products you can promote on here. The great thing about Hyper FB Traffic is they walk you through step by step exactly how to get started.

If you have NEVER used facebook’s advertising platform before, they will walk you through how to setup your campaign. Whether to select CPM or CPC model and exactly how you can target your Facebook ads. You can target your demographics by age, country, race, relationship, and even what pages they like on the web or what interests they have! This makes FB one of the most powerful and easiest ways on the web to get super targeted traffic!