HypeTune.com is a website dedicated to showcasing the talent of independent musicians while providing listeners with the latest and hottest music both independent and mainstream.  The site launched back in July of 2010 to create a community for the true talent in music today,  offering free promotion for unsigned and independent musicians by featuring their music and promoting it through site viewership and social media options.  Now, after a few months of endeavors that the Founder deemed un-fit for the vision of the site, HypeTune.com has re-launched with new features, new content, but the same great talent.  While still giving independent musicians their chance in the spotlight, the site adds an additional “mainstream” section to bring you the latest hits from signed, up-and-coming artists.

At HypeTune.com you will find some of the most talented musicians with free mp3 downloads, music streams, videos, reviews, exclusive interviews, show dates, links, and much more.  The re-launch emphasizes the creation of a community with social media integration such as Facebook Login (which allows readers to “like” and comment with Facebook) and the ability to comment with your Twitter, Google, or Yahoo profiles.

Musicians who want to place their music on the site can do so by sending an email to submissions@hypetune.com or by placing their tracks in HypeTune.com’s SoundCloud Digital DropBox.  Music is reviewed by a team of content creators who also play an integral role in the new site.  Content creators have their own profile boxes at the bottom of their articles, allowing readers to connect with them.  While all new content on the site can be found in the body of the homepage, readers can find what they’re looking for through search and menu options.  Music is categorized by genre and classified as a single, an album, an EP, a mixtape, a video, or by another relevant form.  For example, Hip Hop fanatics can just scroll over the “Music” tab on the homepage and click “Hip Hop” in the drop-down menu.

HypeTune.com’s in-site calendar offers a list of shows and show details including dates, times, locations, age requirements, ticket prices, and more.  If you find an artist on the site that you like, you can click the “Shows” tab on the homepage or just look at the bottom of the artist’s given article to find details on upcoming shows (if applicable).   The site’s exclusive interviews also get their own “Interviews” page where they are easier to read or watch.  

At its re-launch, the site posted five features of some big names in the industry, including past contestants from American Idol, up-and-coming signed artists, and contestants from the first season of NBC’s new hit show “The Voice.”  All come with sample streams or free downloads and include exclusive interviews where the artists offer their personal advice to the independent musicians on the site who are trying to make a name in the industry.