Hypno Gastric Band at the Holistic Center, NJ
Stomach Band Surgery versus Weight Loss Hypnosis
Our Fast Weight Loss Expert Patricia Healey Montenegro looks at how Gastric Band Operations and Weight Loss Hypnotherapy compare for Fast Weight Loss and safety. Stomach Band Surgery, which has been described as a last resort for weight loss due to the dangers that can be involved with the surgery, is an operation that is undertaken to produce Weight Loss. Stomach Banding which it is more commonly known uses techniques to reduce the size of the stomach allowing the patient to feel full helping with their weight loss because they will eat less and lose weight but how safe is this technique. According to The Department of Health, Gastric Band Surgery should be a last resort as it is not 100% safe and according to Weight Loss Hypnosis experts including Claire Hegarty who is one of the UK’s Leading Weight Loss Hypnotherapy experts, patients should think twice about the operation.
When people were made aware of Gastric Band Operations, some people thought this operation was like a magic wand that would at a click of a finger make them thin or as some patients thought, when they came around from the operation, they would wake up with a new body. But we have to understand what is a Gastric Band and what does it do.
Gastric bands and adjustable gastric bands cause a patient weight loss by limiting food intake but unfortunately the operation can cause complications and according to a recent report, approximately 15% of patients need additional surgery to correct problems caused by the gastric band. In some cases patients have had to have the Gastric Band removed while others have sadly died.
There is a range of post-operative problems reported with gastric bands, where patients can experience one or more of the following symptoms:
Nausea and vomiting (50%)
Reflux or regurgitation of food (35%)
Slipped band (25%)
Obstruction or blockage (15%)
Difficulty swallowing
If after you have had the Gastric Band Operation and one of the above caused you discomfort then you may have to have more surgery to have the Gastric Band adjusted or even removed which brings a number of risks with another operation.
So what is the alternative to Gastric Band Surgery if you have tried everything else to lose weight including all of the hundreds of diets out there?
A new tool on the market is called Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, which has become huge in the UK and America for fast weight loss. Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is a hypnosis technique that allows you to lose weight by retraining the mind and according to a Leading UK Weight Loss Hypnosis expert Claire Hegarty which is Weight Loss Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy all rolled into one, the Hypnosis Technique is 100%
Gastric Band Hypnotherapy or Weight Loss Hypnosis as it is also known is a combination of hypnotherapy and food education to help people who are worried about their weight to lose weight fast and become their ideal weight.
Patricia Healey Montenegro said: “By using Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, it allows the person who wants to lose weight think they have had a Gastric Band fitted and hence it will convince them that their stomach has shrunk where they will eat less and lose weight.”
Now people who wish to lose weight and do not want to risk the expensive Gastric Band operation which The Department of Health has said should be a last resort can have Gastric Band Hypnotherapy which is 100% risk free and a great deal cheaper than the sometimes more than $20,000.00 it cost to have a Gastric Band operation.
More and more celebrities are now using Weight Loss Hypnotherapy to lose weight because of the huge success rate it has as well as patients do not need to stay over night in a hospital and do not need to spend a few days at home recovering from the operation.
Also used at the Center is more formes of Hypnosis, light acupuncture, Energy Psychology (EFT meridian therapy)Reiki , mind-body technique.