We are a UK Hypnotherapy practice with clinics in Kent & Surrey.  We specialise in the treatment of panic/anxiety attacks, coping with traumatic and long-term illness, stress management and weight control using the WHY programme.  We have also developed a remote therapy named Hypnostyx. Hypnostyx is a portable audio device that contains a complete clinical hypnotherapy session.  Hypnostyx is designed to be help a client when it is difficult or inconvenient for them to attend a hypnotherapist at their clinic.  The Hypnostyx is small enough to be stored in a pocket or handbag, and when required it is simply a matter of using the supplied headphones for the client to enjoy the benefits of a full clinical therapy session wherever and whenever they want to.  

Currently Hypnostyx are available for the following:

Quit smoking
Stress management
Panic attacks
Public speaking
Increasing confidence
Fear of flying
Improve your golf