i-Memorize™, an independent software development company specializing in Personal Knowledge Management and Personal Productivity Software, today announced the release of a new suite of Personal Knowledge Management tools aimed directly at the consumer and small business user.

i-Memorize™ software was conceived out of a need to manage the volume of data that each individual receives via their PC and the growing demands to work in a competing world of desktop applications and the web.

Every individual builds their own computing 'ecosystem' which reflects their own needs and desires to interact with others via e-mail and social networks and to keep track of information which interests them from the wealth of sources available on the internet. At all times keeping their own information, such as user names and passwords, safe and secure.

i-Memorize™ software responds to those needs by providing a safe and secure place to store your personal information but making it available, when you need it, to store and retrieve information through a fast and intuitive user interface

According to many industry experts the availability of cheap storage media such as terabyte hard drives and high density optical disk technology, e.g. Blu Ray, is leading to a situation where consumers are storing more and more data on their computers.

Unfortunately the tools available to manage this data at the consumer level have lagged behind this rapidly growing technology. This has led to a situation where the average computer user struggles to keep track of the wealth of information, such as documents, passwords, and internet web sites, that they need access to on a daily basis.

i-Memorize™ products provide solutions to these problems and are focussed on the consumer and small business markets.